Sangoma A104DE

1,950.00 with VAT

Manufacturer Sangoma

Model A104-DEKIT

# of Digital Ports 4

Digital Signaling Type T1, E1, J1

Bus Type PCI-Express

Echo Cancellation Yes

Low Profile No

Data/Voice Support Yes

Voice Signaling Methods CAS, ISDN PRI, PRI, MFC/R2, ATM, PPP, SS7, BSC, HDLC

Fractional Support yes-half data and half voice


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angoma A104DE

Sangoma A104DE Quad T1/E1 PCI Card with Onboard Hardware DTMF Decoding and Echo Cancellation with PCI Express Bus . The Sangoma A104DE is the, quad port version of Sangoma’s range of Advanced, Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) hardware designed for optimum support of voice and data over T1, E1 and J1. The AFT card supports four T1/E1 or fractional T1/E1 data streams with 1024 tap (128ms) hardware based echo canceller across 120 channels.

Sangoma A104DE Overview:

The Sangoma A104DE provides full speed 132 Mbps PCI bus transfer with FPGA and optional DSP based processing to unload the host CPU in demanding environments such as soft PBX/IVR voice applications. Compatible with both the 3.3v and 5v PCI bus, A104 cards operate in all commercially available motherboards sharing IRQs properly with themselves and all other PCI compatible devices, so you never have to worry about hardware compatibility issues. Like all the Sangoma AFT Series, the A104DE is field upgradeable to take advantage of the hardware and software improvements as they become available.

Sangoma A104DE Features & Functions:


  • 4 port T1/E1 PCI card compliant for 3.3V/5V compliant
  • telco grade features for the softPBX/switch marketplace
  • full hardware support for 1024 taps (128ms) of echo tail across all DS0’s
  • on board hardware based DTMF decoding
  • on board hardware based noise reduction and voice enhancement technology
  • full FCC Part 15, FCC Part 68, CE, with other certifications to follow


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